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Sonia Mehra

Indian designer Sonia Mehra has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules. Known for her celebration of the exuberant, the embellished, and the over the top, Sonia has been rocking the fashion industry with her unique and original designs since the 1990s. Her commitment to remain true to her one-of-a-kind vision has afforded Sonia continued success in an industry known for its fickleness. Her ability to change with the times while keeping her designs pure has not gone unnoticed.

Since a very long time she has been portrayed as one of the leading designers and a lot has been written about her work and her accomplishments which has influenced a lot of upcoming designers to look at her work and creativity.

Sonia was born in Mumbai and spent her childhood in Ahmadabad, which incidentally is famous for its ethnic glass work and embroidery work on fabrics. Her inspiration was derived by such artistic handy work of women of Gujarat and Rajasthan. With all the interest and passion of a designer Sonia took to the skies and flew around the world to study Fashion and look at the work of various designers around the world. In 1990 Sonia officially entered the Indian Fashion scene and soon established herself a name in being one of the top designers in the Bridal wear segment, Branding in India in the early 90s was not all that popular and just a few names were thrown about in the circle who know what branded clothes really meant. Sonia decided to give it a go at branding and she started her own label Sonia Creations by Sonia Mehra in the year 2001, which soon was changed to a personal signature name Sonia Mehra . The personalized signature name soon became her brand or so called brand image with a formulation which said: Sexy silhouettes, hippie inspired flowing fabrics, whimsical detailing and most importantly, a fabulous fit.

Now firmly part of the what was considered the Youth Quake, Sonia soon found herself amidst a trend where the young wanting to remain ethnic, also wanted hints of western culture to be visible in the way they were dressing. This bought about the Fashion of Indo Western so to say Fusion Wear.

The rich repertoire of skills gained has proven helpful as the India-born bridal designer is now frequently described as the leading innovator of the contemporary-classic and a westernized combined look. Sonias version is to make each design look immortal from generations to generations. A look of infinite simplicity, says Sonia, combining the perfect cut with sumptuous fabrics, romantic grace and light modern movement.

A master of the contemporary-classic and modern look after almost a decade with her own label, Sonias designs are timeless in their elegance. Avoiding trends, she instead expands on prior collections. she incorporates the input from her team of contributors, but more importantly, from brides-to-be and her clients as they provide her inspiration. She works closely with her customers during trunk shows to get an accurate picture of what real brides desire and what her clients visualize on the concepts of Fusion wear taking and suggesting ideas which are quiet visible in her designs and dresses.


PALAK’S COUTURE” The one stop solution to all designer wear needs. It has signature creation in bridal & creative outfits for your every occasion...

So, Come be among the privileged to take a close look at fashion show “PALAK’S COUTURE’S” Exclusive collection & Celebrate with us…

Sumit Dasgupta
Sumit dasgupta is a fashion designer based in mumbai who is born and brought up in kolkata a place where art and culture lies in its air. sumit has showcased his collection under his label SorboMangla in various fashion weeks across india. to name a few are IIJW Delhi Mumbai, India Kids Fashion week, Banglore fashion week, Rajasthan fashion week, Kolkata fashion week, Dehradun fashion week and blenders pride fashion tour among others. sumit is been also invited by New Hong Kong Fashion week Dubai Fashion week to showcase his ultimate collections at international platform in their upcoming fashion weeks. the much much applauded designer has been showcasing his collections for organisations like World Gold Council & Indian Retail Jewelers association in Mumbai for last 2 years. sumit who is specialized in Indian ethnic wear and Bridal collection is a multi talented with many other arts at his hand.

videos of Sumit earlier shows are available on you tube and various fashion blogs & websites.
Mohit Falud
Some people extends their passion and make it a profession and thatís when you completely enjoy every moment of work. Such is the case with MOHIT FALOD

whose clothes exuberate a great deal of spirit and energy with colours and emblishments he feel free to indulge in.He is a young and intensely creative person who has a vision to revive the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Rroyal India.Born in the family that belongs to the regal india, he has an understanding of opulance and grandeur.

Mohit Falod is unique in designing and this is what sets him apart in the list of fashion designers.He excels in contemporory,classic style and has evolved indo western fusion.He experiments with colours,fabrics and comes up with his own classy designs.

Mohit Falod is extremely inspired by ethnic styles and is of the opinion that saree is the most elegant dress that has a great dazlzing effect. He thinks it is the most apt apparrel for sensuous look and bring out the beauty of indian women in most attractive manner.

The bridal world is one of the few places that has escaped the recession and Mohit Falord`s bridal collection is an apt example for this as he has decided to offer a complete solution for young bride who are style concious and would not mind spending extra for that perfect wedding.

He is fascinated by embroidry and often incorporated in his designs like bouquets , cascades of flowers, ruffles and gathers.He also make use of beeds and semi precious stones with bright colour sequins and swarovski crystals which evoke subtle touches of light. He also uses meena work in his collection.

He stronly believes that fashion is all about your comfort level with a particular attire. His creative heart and enterpreneurship mind winning combination has got Mohit Falod a place in the global forum.

He launched his label "M M FALOD" in Dubai and after that he conducted many fashion shows with top most models,celebrities including former and present Miss India. His garments are available in all the major cities in selected counters .His main outlet is in Jaipur "DAAMANN THEE DESIGNER STUDIO". In August ,September & October he is coming to Hyderabad, Indore, Mumbai & Delhi in Vivaah Exibition. So come up & have a look & take th opportunity to buy & wear his classic designs.

The Globus fusion wear collection this autumn takes you through a journey of our cultural roots and royal heritage.

With our emphasis on colors, looks and themes and ensuring an outfit for every occasion, our outfits can be worn to just about every occasion be it the movies , a social gathering or any festive occasion.

The two key looks this season are :Dolled up and Dressy
Dolled up Look :

  • Mostly wedding Wear
  • Elaborate silhouettes
  • Elaborate surface ornamentation – hand embroideries – labour intensive
  • Georgettes, chiffons, silks, velvets, brocades, chanderis, net

Dolled up stories highlights:
Brocades of benaras
Made out of Gold and Silver threads this fabric fits into all sorts of silhouettes. It is both modern as well traditional. Its style falls into the party wear category of garments. The look of the collection is inspired by Indian as well as western silhouettes.

Gothic bazaar
Gothic' is a genre that combines elements of horror and romance. predominant colours are black and red. It mainly has contemporary silhouettes and can be worn when a woman wishes to DOLL UP

Gold and Sand
Gold has mythopaeic qualities. Untarnished and endurable, it can be beaten and hammered, annealed and spun; its brightness survives time, burial and the forces of decay. Its role in the history of dress and fashion goes back many eras. It has defined social position, signified wealth, given iconic, quasi-religious status to royalty and grandeur to ecclesiastical dress. When combined with sand, an ensemble can appeal to the sophisticated as well as fashion crazy.

Dressy Stories highlights:

  • Occasion wear – Weddings, Poojas, family events,
  • Graceful, clean silhouettes yet stylised
  • Surface ornamentation required – hand and machine embroideries
  • Georgettes, chiffons, chanderis, net, silks

Multi colored kites in varied shapes and sizes can easily win over many hearts. Jaipur is known for the festival of kite flying on Makar Sankranti. Gota Patti combined with vibrant colors of kites is the main inspiration behind this collection

This elegant collection is a celebration of the dance of Lord Krishna along with his beloved Radhaji. Colorful brocades and Rayon's with beautiful vibrant laces create this festive collection.


IDT continuously strive & help develop students to blend the excellent design skills, strong technical background and solid fashion sense to create innovative and cost-effective designs, thereby producing Potentially promising fresh generation of design professionals.

It aims to facilitate and provide a nurturing environment to the students for more creative, innovative, out-of-the -box thinking and being instrumental in their learning process by strengthening their creative skills and talents to meet the challenges of ever changing, dynamic world of fashion with pragmatic approach for the sustainable success in life.


SHARAD RAGHAV, from the princely state of Rajasthan, is among the few designers who are obsessed with Indian fashion. Having an artistic mind and a flair for creativity, he moved against the normal flow of work and chose to make a name in the fashion world. He says, Shifting from a small town to a city like Mumbai was a big step, but it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. People rightfully say that Mumbai is a city where dreams come true and that is exactly what I have been experiencing since the time I stepped into this city. He is one of the most versatile designers in India.He believes in bringing the thrill of experimentalism into his design. Sharad delineates his design philosophy as Sui Generis Personalized Perfection.He does not aim to create mere designs but distinct personas. He produces pieces that reflect his savoir-faire in design, for both men and women.Using fine detailing, with heritage fabrics and the use of embroidery for textural enhancement Sharad Raghav creates fashion with a strong flavor.

He has participated in shows such as Bangalore Fashion Week, Jaipur Fashion Week, Pune International Fashion Week and Rajasthan Fashion Week. He had designed the ethnic Ghagra-Choli for Natasha Suri at the Miss World 2006 contest. He has designed for cover shoots of Femina, Womenís Era, and Cineblitz etc. Sharad has been styling for the Indian Premier Televison Awards. He has been stying for leading bollywood and television stars of the industry.

Sharad has been rocketing but his feet still lies on the ground. Even after doing so much, he thinks, My journey has just started. I still have a long way to go and am taking baby steps forward. The journey so far has been eventful

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